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LJUS2 Show Poster

LJUS2 Show Poster

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Large 24" x 36" Poster featuring a section of the lead Artwork from the 'LJUS2' show held at the Catherine Ahnell Gallery in SoHo, New York (2016). 

LJUS2 was KESHs Fine Art Debut in New York city and marks a historical timestamp in The Artists journey. Stepping into new territories with her expressions KESH created a body of work that left her traditional 2D signature in the past. LJUS2 marked her progression into multi layered landscapes and dimensions which she applied to new materials from the modern world. 

Working with digital collage, photography and layering the 8 works exist by telling the story of ones journey of evolution and rebirth. Utilizing elements of her ever growing archival works and a blend of new concepts created within the gallery during her residency this poster is a representation of the show and the beginning of a new chapter for The Artist. 

The collectors item features the traditional monochromatic approach of KESH and a introduction of colour back into the work after a long hiatus of working with it. 

The gallery created an issue of posters to celebrate the show. Some were sold at the gallery pop up store with great success and the rest have been in KESHs archive for later release. Now we have made a selection available for collectors to bring into their homes, offices, workspaces and more. 

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