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Collectible from the 'LJUS2' show held at the Catherine Ahnell Gallery in SoHo, New York (2016). 

Black T-shirt featuring the LJUS2 EYE - A unique take on the original KESH symbol featuring colour for the first time. This symbol rework was designed specifically for the show and represents the Artists exploration of breaking to rebuild and her continuing theme of internal death, rebirth and the evolution of self.

The colour included in the work are from an original photograph by the artist of a broken ATM (cash machine) in New York near the gallery where she was in residency. The screen had been smashed and was glitching on approach and vibrant colours were pouring between the shattered glass (an element she uses in many of her works). She then blended these images with the colour splatters from the Fine Art works that she was creating for the show (these represent tears) and blended the components with her iconic eye symbol to make the new interpretation. 

The gallery created a batch of t-shirts to mark the show and the rest is history.

This T-shirt features the one off KESH / Catherine Ahnell Tag on the bottom right of the t-shirt.

Majority SOLD OUT a small selection available from the archive. 

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