KESH is a British multidisciplinary artist whose work stretches boundaries between visual art, music and design. Her vision transcends the confines of a singular narrative. In an eclectic celebration of her gifts KESH masterfully blends creative technology and experimental sonic art with the more traditional methods of photography, film, sculpture and illustration to produce large-scale digital works, campaigns and installations that are immersive and unmistakably KESH. 

KESH established her artistic voice through acclaimed international solo exhibitions. Most recently her work was featured in the highly anticipated Christie's Auction: Proof of Sovereignty a curated NFT sale by Lady PheOnix where she sold her Genesis NFT for $16'000.

Other Christie's exhibitions include: Christie's Coronavirus and Artist aid sale, Christie's Art of Voting Exhibition and Christie's Say It Loud Virtual Exhibition.

KESH was a part of the critically acclaimed group exhibition DIGITALIA: Art and the Economy of Ideas at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco. Digitalia explored the symbiotic relationship between technology, identity and evolving narratives, themes that are central to the artists signature style and expression. 

In 2015 the artist delved deep into her personal narrative to create a series of ultra rare self portraits in an immersive installation at Galley 1.1 in Basel, Switzerland where the notable "Bedroom"  installation was created. The KOM56 installation is an important body of work exploring the subjects of living death and rebirth. 

2016 marked the debut of KESH’s solo exhibition LJUS2 at the Catherine Ahnell Gallery in SoHo,

New York. The artist completed a 4 month residency delving deep within her personal archives to create a series of 1/1 digitally manipulated self portraits and emotional studies that were transferred directly onto large scale plexiglass pieces. 

KESH's originality was celebrated in 8 commissioned portraits the she Photographed and Creative Directed for the Moschino Picasso collection in 2020. In the same also created a body of work for SKIMS where she created a unique campaign for the company celebrating her signature visuals. 

KESH has also partnered with global brands such as American Apparel, which featured a collection printed with KESH's graphic black and white artworks. This collaboration was the most successful launch in the company's history. 

KESH's work has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Elle, i-D, Ars Electronica and the New York Times. 

If you are interested in private sales for physical or digital works please email - info@kesh.digital